Launching and release Gears, lifeboats

Because of the unacceptably high number of accidents with lifeboats in which crew were being injured while participating in lifeboat drills and/or inspections, the maritime Safety Committee of the IMO decided to publish certain rules and regulations, amongst others:

  • MSC.1/Circ. 1277: Authorizations of service providers for inspections according to SOLAS
  • MSC1/Circ. 1206: Measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats
  • SOLAS regulation III/19.3.3: Safety regulations concerning drills with lifeboats
  • SOLAS regulation III/ Safety regulations concerning simulated launching of free fall boats

Following these rules, we offer through our expert staff with over 25 years of experience in the area of lifeboats, davits, and release systems a worldwide, highly qualified inspection service.

Through regular safety training, in-house education, as well as manufacturer training, we ensure that the safety comes first, and that our technicians are always at the cutting edge of developments and regulations, now and in the future.

Among the most important services we provide for our customers, however, are our flexibility and the worldwide deployment of our teams at fixed prices.

Please give us a call – we can also offer you individual quotes for your fleet.

We have support points in:

  • Germany (for operations in Europe and America)
  • China (for operations in Shanghai and other Chinese ports, as well as Japan)
  • Singapore (for operations in Malaysia and Indonesia)
  • Australia


  • MCA Certificate
  • ISO Certificate
  • GL Certificate
  • ISO Certificate
  • Antigua & Barbuda Certificate
  • Lloyds Register

In addition, we are authorised by the following manufacturers to carry out inspection and maintenance work according to SOLAS Regulations as ‘MTP Manufacturer Trained Personnel’, ie, without the presence of an inspector of the flag states or the Classification Society:

  • Qingdao Beihai
  • Jiangyin Xinjiang
  • Zhenjiang Aux.
  • Oriental Precision
  • Hyundai Lifeboats
  • Bada Hi
  • MadRock
  • Jiangyin Wolong
  • Westmarine Davits
  • Vanguard Lifeboats
  • Wuxi Release Hooks


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We offer services, which require a high technical and organisational know how and which are classification relevant items. To our certificates


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