Arrangement of repair yards in China and India

We are directly represented in China, Singapore, and India by our own establishments and associated companies, and can arrange for suitable repair yards because of our local contacts.

Arranging repair yards in

  • China
  • Indonesia/Singapore
  • India

Our experienced staff will look after your on-site enquiries and requirements in direct discussions with the repair yard involved.  Because we act independently (ie, we do not represent any particular shipyard), we can give you impartial advice and report neutrally on the basis of previous experience.

What’s different about us:

  • We are independent, and do not represent any particular shipyard, so can therefore make a neutral proposal about a yard that will match your specific requirements;
  • We are directly represented by our own establishments and associated companies;
  • We offer guaranteed assistance by our own staff before and during yard time.

Essential background information:

  • Our own establishments and associate companies are in place, and can often fulfil customer requirements that would not be possible without these direct local connections and communication facilities.
  • In order to give our clients as wide a choice as possible despite increasingly limited yard capacity, we work only to exclusive customer instructions, in other words, we evaluate the possibilities before return of tender.

After you’ve booked your docking:

  • We immediately appoint an expert who will be responsible for your project from our own establishment or that of an associate company, to see your project through from start to finish.
  • We place at your disposal an experienced repair engineer as assistant to your Project Manager during yard time (free of charge in China, by arrangement).

Our expert will support you with such matters as:

  • preparatory discussions with the yard;
  • maintaining your schedule;
  • consultation with regard to local prices for work not yet agreed;
  • arranging external expert companies for special tasks not carried out by the yard;
  • purchase and/or import of spares.

Our engineer will be able to give you additional support, especially for:

  • Quality control;
  • Translation, interpreting, and communication with the yard;
  • Management of work progress;
  • Co-ordination with any foreign firms that may be required.


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